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Compatible JVC BN-VG107 / BN-VG107U / BN-VG107USM / BN-VG108U Li-Ion DATA Rechargeable Battery


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Our new BN-VG107U / BN-VG108U DATA equivalent li-ion rechargeable battery is designed for JVC HDD/MicroSD, Flash Memory, Hard Drive Everio camcorders. Rated at 860mAh, this intelligent battery communicates with camcorders and shows the remaining recording time on camcorder LCD. The battery can be charged using a separate battery charger or via AP-V30U or AC-V11U power adapters. Our BN-VG107 is fully compatible with the following JVC camcorder models:

GZ-E10, GZE10, E10 
GZ-E100, GZE100, E100 
GZ-E200, GZE200, E200 
GZ-E205, GZE205, E205 
GZ-E220, GZE220, E220  
GZ-E300, GZE300, E300 
GZ-E306, GZE306, E306 
GZ-E505, GZE505, E505 
GZ-EX210, GZEX210, EX210 
GZ-EX215, GZEX215, EX215 
GZ-EX310, GZEX310, EX310 
GZ-EX355, GZEX355, EX355  
GZ-EX515, GZEX515, EX515 
GZ-EX555, GZEX555, EX555 
GZ-HD500, GZHD500, HD500 
GZ-HD510, GZHD510, HD510 
GZ-HD520, GZHD520, HD520 
GZ-HD550, GZHD550, HD550 
GZ-HD620, GZHD620, HD620 
GZ-HD750, GZHD750, HD750 
GZ-HD760, GZHD760, HD760 
GZ-HM300, GZHM300, HM300 
GZ-HM310, GZHM310, HM310 
GZ-HM320, GZHM320, HM320 
GZ-HM330, GZHM330, HM330  
GZ-HM334, GZHM334, HM334 
GZ-HM335, GZHM335, HM335 
GZ-HM340, GZHM340, HM340 
GZ-HM350, GZHM350, HM350 
GZ-HM40, GZHM40, HM40 
GZ-HM430, GZHM430, HM430 
GZ-HM435, GZHM435, HM435 
GZ-HM440, GZHM440, HM440 
GZ-HM445, GZHM445, HM445 
GZ-HM446, GZHM446, HM446 
GZ-HM450, GZHM450, HM450 
GZ-HM550, GZHM550, HM550 
GZ-HM570, GZHM570, HM570 
GZ-HM65, GZHM65, HM65 
GZ-HM650, GZHM650, HM650 
GZ-HM655 GZHM655, HM655 
GZ-HM670 GZHM670, HM670 
GZ-HM690 GZHM690, HM690 
GZ-HM845, GZHM845, HM845 
GZ-HM860, GZHM860, HM860 
GZ-HM870, GZHM870, HM870 
GZ-HM880, GZHM880, HM880 
GZ-HM890, GZHM890, HM890 
GZ-HM960, GZHM960, HM960 
GZ-HM980, GZHM980, HM980 
GZ-HM990, GZHM990, HM990 
GZ-MG750, GZMG750, MG750 
GZ-MG760, GZMG760, MG760 
GZ-MS110, GZMS110, MS110 
GZ-MS118, GZMS118, MS118  
GZ-MS150, GZMS150, MS150 
GZ-MS210, GZMS210, MS210 
GZ-MS215, GZMS215, MS215 
GZ-MS216, GZMS216, MS216 
GZ-MS230, GZMS230, MS230 
GZ-MS240, GZMS240, MS240 
GZ-MS250, GZMS250, MS250 
and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:
Victor JVC BN-VG107, BN-VG107U, BN-VG107E, BN-VG107USM, BNVG107, BNVG107U, BNVG107E, BNVG107USM, BN-VG108, BN-VG108E, BN-VG108U, BN-VG108USM, BNVG108, BNVG108U, BNVG108USM, LY37166-002B, LY37166-002C 

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