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Product image for Compatible Fujifilm BC-50 BC-45W Charger for NP-50 Battery

Compatible Fujifilm BC-50 BC-45W Charger for NP-50 Battery







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BC-50 BC-45W charger is designed to power up Fujifilm NP-50 battery and comes with both a wall charger and an auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger). BC-50 charger features world-traveler input voltage of 110v-240v,  smart circuit design, and LED indicators with automatic current control to protect battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock. BC-50 battery charger works with the following Fujifilm cameras:

Fujifilm X10
Fujifilm X20
Fujifilm XF1
FinePix XP100
FinePix XP150
FinePix XP170
FinePix XP200
FinePix F50 fd, F50fd
FinePix F50 SE, F50SE
FinePix F60 fd, F60fd 
FinePix F70 EXR, F70EXR
FinePix F75 EXR, F75EXR
FinePix F80 EXR, F80EXR
FinePix F85 EXR, F85EXR
FinePix F100 fd, F100fd
FinePix F200 EXR, F200EXR
FinePix F300 EXR, F300EXR
FinePix F305 EXR, F305EXR
FinePix F500 EXR, F500EXR
FinePix F505 EXR, F505EXR
FinePix F550 EXR, F550EXR
FinePix F600 EXR, F600EXR
FinePix F605 EXR, F605EXR
FinePix F660 EXR, F660EXR
FinePix F665 EXR, F665EXR
FinePix F750 EXR, F750EXR
FinePix F770 EXR, F770EXR
FinePix F775 EXR, F775EXR
Fujifilm F800 EXR, F800EXR
Fujifilm F850 EXR, F850EXR
Fujifilm F900 EXR, F900EXR
FinePix REAL 3D W3

and more models.

100% compatible with Fujifilm BC-50 or BC50 battery charger. Best charge the following following OEM battery part numbers and other compatible batteries: 
Fujifilm NP-50, NP50.

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