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Canon BP-711 BP-714 BP-726 BP-729 BP-E77 BP-E77K BP-E718 BP-E722 BP-E722D BP-E729 BP-E772 BP-735 BP-E818 NiMH Battery


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Availability: IN STOCK

Condition: New

Ships From: California

Ships When: Today

Warranty: 1 Year

Contains: Premium Japanese Cells


New 100% OEM Compatible NiMH Rechargeable Battery. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Works wonderfully for:

Canon A1 
Canon A1 digital 
Canon A1 Hi 
Canon A1 MARK II 
Canon A1 MKII 
Canon A10 
Canon A100 
Canon A11 
Canon A110 
Canon A2 
Canon A2 Hi 
Canon A9 
Canon E06, E-06
Canon E07, E-07
Canon E08, E-08 
Canon E09, E-09 
Canon E100, E-100
Canon E110, E-100 
Canon E20, E-20 
Canon E200, E-200 
Canon E210, E-210 
Canon E230, E-230 
Canon E250, E-250 
Canon E30, E-30 
Canon E300, E-300 
Canon E333, E-333 
Canon E333D, E-333D 
Canon E350, E-350 
Canon E40, E-40 
Canon E400, E-400 
Canon E440, E-440 
Canon E460, E-460
Canon E50, E-50 
Canon E500, E-500 
Canon E51, E-51 
Canon E520, E-520 
Canon E53, E-530 
Canon E550, E-550 
Canon E57, E-57 
Canon E60, E-60
Canon E600, E-600 
Canon E61, E-61 
Canon E620, E-620 
Canon E63, E-63 
Canon E640, E-640 
Canon E65, E-65 
Canon E65A, E-65A 
Canon E66, E-66 
Canon E660, E-660
Canon E67, E-67 
Canon E680, E-680
Canon E70, E-70
Canon E700, E-700 
Canon E718, E-718
Canon E77, E-77
Canon E80, E-80
Canon E800, E-800
Canon E800Hi, E-800Hi
Canon E808, E-808
Canon E850, E-850
Canon E850Hi, E-850Hi 
Canon E90, E-90 
Canon EQ-305, EQ305
Canon ES-180, ES180
Canon ES-190, ES190 
Canon ES-2500, ES2500 
Canon ES-280, ES280 
Canon ES-290, ES290 
Canon ES-290A, ES290A 
Canon ES-870, ES870 
Canon ES-970, ES970 
Canon ES10, ES-10 
Canon ES100, ES-100 
Canon ES1000, ES-1000 
Canon ES10V, ES-10V 
Canon ES170, ES-170
Canon ES200, ES-200
Canon ES2000, ES-2000 
Canon ES20V, ES-20V 
Canon ES2500, ES-2500
Canon ES270, ES-270
Canon ES3000, ES-3000
Canon ES500, ES-500
Canon ES520, ES-520
Canon ES550, ES-550 
Canon ES600, ES-600 
Canon ES70, ES-70  
Canon ES7000, ES-7000
Canon ES750, ES-750 
Canon ES80, ES-80 
Canon ES800, ES-800 
Canon ES870, ES-870 
Canon ES90, ES-90 
Canon ES900, ES-900 
Canon ES970, ES-970 
Canon EX1 
Canon EX2Hi 
Canon H440, H-440 
Canon H460, H-460 
Canon H480, H-480 
Canon H520, H-520 
Canon H640, H-640 
Canon H660, H-660 
Canon H680, H-680 
Canon H800, H-800 
Canon H850, H-850 
Canon Hi8 
Canon J10 
Canon J20
Canon J100 
Canon L1 
Canon L10
Canon L1A 
Canon L2 
Canon LX1
Canon LX-1T
Canon LX100, LX-100
Canon UC-L100W, UCL100W 
Canon UC1
Canon UC1MarkII 
Canon UC10, UC-10 
Canon UC15, UC-15
Canon UC15C, UC-15C
Canon UC16, UC-16
Canon UC1Hi 
Canon UC2 
Canon UC20, UC-20
Canon UC2Hi
Canon UC25Hi, UC-25Hi 
Canon UC30, UC-30
Canon UC30Hi, UC-30Hi 
Canon UC3Hi 
Canon UC40Hi, UC-40Hi 
Canon UC55, UC-55 
Canon UC5Hi 
Canon UC8500, UC-8500 
Canon UC8500E, UC-8500E 
Canon UC900, UC-900
Canon UC9000, UC-9000 
Canon UCS1 
Canon UCS2 
Canon UCS20 
Canon UCS3  
Canon UCS5 
Canon VL20, VL-20 
Canon VM-E70, VME70
Canon UC-V1Hi, UCV1Hi
Canon VME-70A, VME70A 
Canon VM-E77, VME77
Canon VM-E800H, VME800H 
Canon VT-LC50, VTLC50 
BOSCH VCC 810, VCC-810
BOSCH VCC 820, VCC-820
BOSCH VCC 830, VCC-830 
BOSCH VCC 858, VCC-858 
BOSCH VCC 860, VCC-860 
and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: 
BP-711, BP-714, BP-726, BP-729, BP-E77, BP-E77K, BP-E718, BP-E722, BP-E722D, BP-E729, BP-735, BP-818, BP-E772, BP-E818, BP711, BP714, BP726, BP729, BPE77, BPE77K, BPE718, BPE722, BPE722D, BPE729, BP735, BP818, BPE772, BPE818,  Hama 46376, Hama 46377, JC Penney 934-0340, Aztec AZ6010, Photoco AZ6010, Battery-Biz B-966, BatteryValues B-966, DSMiller B-966, Hi-Capacity B-966, US Power BCD1121, Vivanco BP-2460, Canon BP-E77, Canon BP-E77(K), Canon BP-E77K, Canon BP-E77KE, Arc CB718, Lenmar CB718, Arc CBE77, Lenmar CBE77, Energizer CM-1060, Hama CP-376, Hama CP-377, Empire Scientific EPP-132, FIC EPP-132, Canon HS-C1060, Henmar NMH72, Quantaray QC-6011, Saft RC6010, Canon SV-8, Canon SV-9.

  • Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Output Volts: 6v
  • AmpHours: 1800mAh
  • Type: Generic
  • Color: Black or Silver
  • Dimensions: 3.50 x 1.75 x 0.75

    Camera Power Pro was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2010. Since then, we have made an honest effort to provide the highest quality products backed by excellent customer service. Whether you are a photography firm that needs batteries for a wedding or a person who needs a battery for his son's graduation, we have the items you need at a great price. 

    Our batteries are extensively tested to be the highest quality and build. Beware of our competitors who's batteries are lower quality and can damage your camera. 

    If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us and we will try our best to resolve them.

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    Wow that was quick

    Ordered it on Monday and got it Wednesday. Didn't think it would come that quick!

    Five Stars

    Fits perfect and works as it should.

    Got it quick

    Ordered battery from here not sure how they are selling it so cheap compared to other places but hey I'm not complaining it works great. Probably will order more for back up.

    Perfect Replacement Battery

    Has been very dependable for my camera.

    Good Replacement

    It works just like my old battery

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